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i’m gonna go meet a boy for a coffee in an hour


it’s 5.40 am

and in 45 minutes i have to be on a bus headed to my first day on my work experience thing

i have a huge craving for some brownies

i am tempted to try the brownie in a cup recipe

but i don’t have unsweetened cocoa 

could i use the normal cocoa mix? like this?

five more hours of being awake and watching others sleep.

i can do this.

i can do th- zzzzzzzzz.


please do

i still have 5 more hours of my night shift left

ughhhhhh why did i have to become a practical nurse

welp i am not going to survive this night

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we have our accident day’s projects presentation today.

idk how to explain this properly but it’s basically a project we have to do when we are nearing the end of our studies and it’s really important to get a good grade.

our team’s project is to go to a kindergarten and keep a 40 min presentation/safety time lesson about a safe ways to walk or bicycle to school and what do when accident happens.

i’m suddenly very anxious because we have to be there in an hour and a half.

Chandler dancing on The Hunger Chandler Games

could the odds BE any more in my favor?!